Pete’s All Night Glow Cycle

The Concept

Charge For 5 Seconds

Glow Material needs to be charged by exposure to UV lights in order to work. A 5-Second exposure gives most Glow materials a good Charge.

Power is consumed only when the UV lights are switched on to charge up the Glow in the Dark Material.

Pay only for 5 seconds of Electricity Consumption

Glows Brightly after full charge

After a full charge, glow material emits the brightest Glow within the first 5 minutes.

During this stage, it is the fully charged! Glow in the Dark material that is giving out light it absorbed earlier. This light is Free!!

Get up to 10 minutes of Glow in the Dark Light Free!

 Glow fades off slightly after 10 minutes

After a full charge, the glow can last for hours, but it may not be bright enough to for signage purposes.

All is not lost. It just needs to be recharged by exposure to light again in order to start glowing brightly once more.

All Night Glow

This is where AllNightGlow comes in. By charging Glow in the Dark material at the right time (5 seconds each time), we can get free! Glow Light, All Night Long.

By repeating this process throughout the night, it is now possible to keep lighted signages brightly lit all night long, at the fraction of the regular cost.