All Night Glow – The Concept

Energy Saving with All Night Glow

Glow Products absorbing light

How Glow in the Dark Works

Glow in the dark products work by absorbing and storing surrounding light.

A few seconds of exposure to bright sunlight or certain powered lights, is all it takes to get it glowing in the dark for hours. When it glows, it is giving out Free Light. Energy saving can be achieved by taking advantage of this free light.

Glow in the Dark Products Glowing

The Glow Effect (Free Light)

This is how glow in the dark products appear when they are glowing in the dark. In this state, glow products are giving out Free! Light.

This glow effect can last for hours. But the brightest effect is usually within the first few minutes. After that, it slowly starts to fade off.



Charging Glow in the Dark Material

Control the Glow in the Dark

In order to get the glow products to glow in the dark again, we have to expose it to light again.

By exposing the glow products to light at regular intervals, we can keep the glow products, glowing in the dark! All Night Long!

Exposing the glow products to light at regular intervals, could be done with a timer controlled light.

Glow in the Dark Products Glowing

All Night Glow (Free Light)

A few seconds of exposure to the correct type of light is all it takes to get glow products, glowing brightly for at least 5 minutes.

To maintain the brightness of the glow, the powered light needs to be switched on every 5 minutes or less, in order to charge up the glow products.

5 seconds of paid powered light = 5 minutes of Free Glow light. 

How All Night Glow can reduce energy consumption for Lighted Signage

A normal lighted sign which is switched on for 10 hours a day, consumes power, throughout the 10 hours.

A sign powered with 8 fluorescent tubes can easily cost about 90 cents daily, just to keep it lit for the whole 10 hours. Info derived from Gigantic Signs.

A Lighted Sign with AllNightGlow Technology, consumes less than 10% of  the power, a normal lighted signage would.

The reason for this is because we are using the GLOW! in AllNightGlow, to give us Free Light.

With AllNightGlow, 5 Seconds of powered light gives you 5 minutes of Free Glow Light.

So 60 Seconds of powered light can give you 1 hour of Free Glow Light.

With the same calculation, 10 minutes of Powered Light will give you 10 hours of Free Glow Light.

Remember that Powered Light consumes electricity and costs money. Glow Light is Free!

But it all begins with 5 seconds of powered light to charge up the glow material which will give 5 minutes of Bright and Free Glow Light.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AllNightGlow?

AllNightGlow is a concept of using UV lights, to recharge Glow in the Dark material at timed intervals, for the purpose of maximizing the brightness and overall glow time of glow materials.

The ultimate goal is to use the free light from glow in the dark material, to help reduce energy consumption, for lighted signs, banners or any lighted products.

How does it work?

Glow in the Dark material needs to be exposed to light in order to work. A 5 second exposure to UV lights is all it needs to be fully charged. Once charged up, the glow material can glow brightly for a minimum period of 5 minutes.

Remember that when you switch on the lights. it consumes power and money. When it Glows in the Dark! it is Free Light.

After 5 minutes, the lights are switched on again to recharge the glow material (consumes power and money). After a full charge, the glow material can now glow brightly again for another 5 minutes (Free Light).

This process can be repeated for as long as required. Switching on and off of the lights would be controlled by a timer.

In summary,
5 seconds of paid lighting
gives you 5 minutes of free lighting

Good deal or not?

A more detailed explanation can be found at All Night Glow Concept.

How exactly is power consumption reduced when using AllNightGlow?

A lighted signage that stays lit for one hour, consumes electricity for one hour, in order to power the lights.

With an AllNightGlow signage the lights only need to be switched on in intervals of 10 minutes, for 10 seconds at a time.

So an AllNightGlow signage to stay lit up for an hour, only consumes power for 1 minute.

How much can we save on the electrical bill?

Amount saved depends mainly on the type of lightings used. But we can confidently say that there could be a reduction by at least 80%.

A lighted sign that is switched on for 1 hour, consumes power throughout the whole hour.

An AllNightGlow sign which gets charged for 5 seconds (consumes power) and glows for 5 minutes (free light), only consumes power for 1 minute, but gives out free light in the form of a glow, for 1 hour

Click on Energy Savings for a detailed calculation on the amount of power reduction.