How much $$$ can you save on your Electricity Bill

Power Consumption of a Normal Signage

A sign built with eight fluorescent 40-watt lamps remains on for 10 hours a day, 365 days per year, and the energy use cost per kWh is 19 cents.

The calculation–8 lamps X 40 watts each = 320 watts; divided by 1,000 = 0.32 kilowatts; multiplied by 10 hours = 3.2 kWh; multiplied by $0.19 = $0.61 per day; multiplied by 365 days = $221.92 per year. Info taken from Gigantic Signs.

Lighted 1

 Power Consumption of an AllNightGlow Signage

Using a  ratio of 5 seconds on to 5 minutes off, an All Night Glow Sign can glow for one hour with only one minute of power consumption.

Charge Time

*(Consumes Power)

Glow Time

**(Free Light)

*Lights On for 5 Seconds**Glows Brightly for at least 2 Minutes
24 times in an Hour,
5 seconds each time,
24 x 5 = 240 seconds
(2 minutes)

60 minutes / 2 = 24 times


2 Minutes Total Charge Time= 1 Hour Glow Time
20 Minutes Total Charge Time
= 10 Hours Glow Time


So, a sign that needs to be lighted for 10 hours as in the example above, now only consumes power for 20 minutes, with AllNightGlow.

The power consumption is now at $0.04 per day; multiplied by 365 days = $15.00 per year.

Normal Sign

All Night Glow Sign

Eight fluorescent 40-watt lampsEight fluorescent 40-watt lamps
Lighted for 10 hours a dayLighted for 10 hours a day
Consumes Power throughout the whole 10 hours

Using the ratio of 5 seconds charge to 2 minutes glow..

Consumes Power for only 20 minutes,
throughout the whole 10 hours.

 Energy Costs $0.61/dayEnergy Costs $0.04/day

Power consumption per year


Power consumption per year


Average yearly savings on electrical consumption,
for just one sign is $222 – $15 = $207

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