Pete’s All Night Glow Shop

Welcome to our online store. The place to get ready made products, that can Glow in the Dark! All Night Long.

AllNightGlow products leverage on the Free! Light given out by Glow in the Dark products, to help reduce power consumption, by as much as 80%.

Large Frame Glowing Low

All Night Glow Photo Light Frame Boxes

Ready made All Night Glow in the Dark Photo Frame Light boxes. Print anything you want on clear media and insert it into this light box. Great for creating lighted signs or notices.

Glow Strip Driveway Tube Lighting

All Night Glow Tube Lighting

 All Night Glow Tube Lighting is a 1cm square aluminum profile fitted with glow in the dark Leds. Standard length is 1 meter. Great for marking staircase, pool edges, walkways and many other areas where a constant light source is needed for safety in the dark.